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Daniel Roberts is the founder of Quantus Solutions. This multi-disciplinary firm provides various property consultation and value add services to developers, contractors, legal professionals, and public members, including traditional quantity surveying, value engineering, dispute resolution, and other innovative and impactful services. Daniel received conventional training in the United Kingdom, where he worked with various high-profile clients and public offices.

What exactly is Quantus Solutions?

Quantus Solutions is a professional Quantity Surveying Firm that provides landowners, builders, developers, suppliers, and consultants with high impact, economical, and sustainable value engineering services. We provide pleasant, dependable, and cost-effective reports that can be used with any project at any time. We have expertise with projects ranging in size from $200,000 to $1 billion, and we provide strategic “Value Add” services oriented toward design innovation at a reasonable cost.

We live in a revolutionary historical moment, and we think that sustainable technologies will be the most significant advancement to the built environment in human history. The building has traditionally had cataphoric detrimental consequences for the natural environment. We provide a unique blend of education and leadership based on vital academic concepts and practical, hands-on expertise. 

Quantus Solutions has done the legwork so that you don’t have to. We have spent years and millions of dollars developing sustainable building techniques and strategies. We feel that now is the moment to act and set a good example. 

We have a straightforward and scalable business strategy that provides value-added professional services to large and small projects. We collaborate with local businesses to develop long-term partnerships, education, and guidance. We put in the effort to assist you in establishing the suppliers and relationships needed to safely, securely, and reliably convert your project into a world-class, sustainable development. 

We are proud of our ability to actively contribute to waste reduction through collaborations with recyclers and product procurement. We have an eye for quality, and with our assistance, you may alter your growth without losing sight of your original idea. We prioritize customers and make no compromises to long-term outcomes; if it is not a win-win situation for the owner, workers, and the environment, it does not satisfy the primary standard. It is made feasible and straightforward by our essential systems.

Quantus Solutions’ Objectives

To advocate for the use of Industrial Hemp as an alternative to standard cavity wall building techniques, it combines industrial hemp is with lime to make Hempcrete. This monolithic exterior fabric cures quickly at first. Hemp is an organic plant in nature and devoid of the harmful consequences of other materials used in the construction sector. Hempcrete houses are naturally superior because they lack vapor barriers and, like you, breathe! 

It is allowing moisture to infiltrate the fa├žade to prevent the harmful consequences of condensation and mold. Water is kept away from the inside structure by a breathable lime render. Thus there is no moisture inside the exterior fabric. Humidity naturally adjusts itself, making your house a lively, breathing, natural place. Hempcrete is a game-changer because it has excellent insulating properties, absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, can be grown from seed to crop in 6 months. Furthermore, it is entirely natural, has a negative carbon footprint, and provides a more dependable and sustainable building fabric. It checks all the criteria, and we are committed to assisting the sector in transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable, and dependable future for everybody.

Quantus Solutions had been investigating the practical use and benefits of Hempcrete in the run-up to the 2020 worldwide pandemic. We knew change was on the way, but we underestimated the magnitude and speed with which the world and industry would alter. We were astounded by using alternative building approaches planned for years, and we found ourselves standing within a robust bubble of opportunity. Our initiatives became easier to produce because they were not subject to the red tape and bureaucracy that stifle and impede growth in the construction sector. We were readily able to scale up, adapt, and modify our stance.

During the six months following the Covid epidemic, we produced world-class cheap housing. We attracted additional capital, formed new teams, and developed a unique selling point that we are eager to share with the rest of the globe. We provide traditional quantity surveying, estimate, and value engineering services if you wish to engage with our team. We have done the majority of the legwork and research, so you don’t have to. We have modular building blueprints and copyrights and engineers, trustworthy suppliers, and certifiers ready to mobilize quickly. The market and financiers have only given us favorable feedback; the sky’s the limit for your project; we are ready to help and can be reached at any moment to discuss projects largely and small.

According to Daniel Roberts, Quantity Surveying is a fascinating job. It is due to his understanding of quality. Quality endures; we are all too aware that we live in a perishable culture, where things, tangible objects, and, sadly, relationships (which are priceless) are disposable at best and faulty at worst!

This mindset has pushed every element of society to its breaking point, and the discovery of remedies must go to history. Quantus Solutions offers conventional Professional Quantity Surveying services for the year 2020 and beyond.

Daniel Roberts

Chartered Quantity Surveyor, founder of Quantus Solutions a boutique multi disciplinary company.

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